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Consents for online loan applications

Many loan companies have several points in their applications which are “consents to the processing of personal data”. A summary is on http://www.cgdnews.org/searching-for-a-reputable-lender/ This is mainly due to the number of intermediaries in the whole process Some non-bank institutions, which are global giants, have several loan brands in one country, which must provide customer data […]

Find good conditions with a loan comparison

Whether in the mailbox, in TV advertising or on the Internet – German consumers are flooded with credit offers. If there is really a financial bottleneck, the financing of a long-cherished wish or a necessary purchase through a loan, it can be difficult to find the right one from the wide range of offers. In […]

Home loan – which rates for the start of the school year

After several quarters of consecutive increases, fixed mortgage rates have stopped rising since the start of the summer. The National Agency for Housing Information (ANIL) reports this stabilization and notes in its latest quarterly barometer that “The conditions for fixed rate loans are close to that of the fourth quarter of 2009”.   Stagnating rates […]

30000 Dollar credit for self-employed – now from 260 Dollar

Its not all bank grants a loan pertaining to self-employed people of thirty, 000 USD. However , this may not mean that the a sole proprietor can no longer get a cheap thirty, 000 USD loan for your self-employed. So what do these small examples display? These small illustrations show how the interest rate as […]

Credit for self-employed – from USD 968 installment

A 96,000 dollar loan for the self-employed is often difficult to obtain. If the automated test procedure can often be used for a loan for employees, this is not possible for a loan for self-employed persons of USD 96,000. The credit process is much more extensive, which causes many banks to refuse a loan directly. […]

Short-Term Loan Instantly Credit with payment

Cash in the account sounds like a paradox. Now in cash? Credit with payment on the same day What is an instant payment loan? Protect your money now! Mini credits: small amount, big impact! The practical mini credit has many advantages: If you need money immediately – a small amount in your bank account, a […]

What is a short-term loan?

Taking out a loan is commonplace nowadays. Usually, larger projects are to be financed or at least supported in this way. The model of so-called short-term loans is still relatively new in Germany and is therefore often unknown. But a short-term loan can be a useful alternative if you want to borrow a manageable amount […]

Lightning credit for the unemployed – we provide information.

Lightning credit for the unemployed First of all: We generally advise against a loan for the unemployed if you cannot expect a permanent job in the foreseeable future. The information provided here is aimed primarily at people who are temporarily unemployed or who are self-employed and receive unemployment benefit I. In any case, you should […]